From the east coast of Iceland hails Miri. Their debut LP will be released in Europe and USA in 2011 by Kimi records and Morr music(home of Fm Belfast, Seabear, Sing Fang and more) after a critical acclaim in their home country in 2010. To follow up on the release they will play and have played both continents, including festivals like NXNE in Toronto and Iceland Airwaves in 2011.

Miri was born on the LungA art festival 2003 in Seydisfjordur, two years later an EP album 'Fallegt þorp' was recorded live one night during the LungA festival in 2005. The EP album drew some attention to the band who spent the next few years gaining reputation as a powerful live act.

With a reputation of powerful and joyous live shows it was speculated how their first LP would live up to that reputation. After 'Okkar's' release, only good to great reviews have been published with two of the biggest newspapers in Iceland giving four stars out of five for the record. Dr. Gunni, Icelands most respected music critic, said on his webpage that 'Okkar' was one of best Icelandic music offerings of 2010! 'Okkar' has been in the top 5 of most Icelandic "best of 2010" lists in Icelandic media.