Depression, alcoholism and early 80´s punk rock, dark lyrics and sweet melody´s mixed with  some Joy Division feel, is what describes the band with the cowboy name Morgan Kane.

Every man with hint of self respect had at least one book about Morgan Kane in the 80´s and that  is what the name is about.

This band has always been about live playing and it was a long and winding road to release the first Ep, the way to survive anything. It was released in the first week of 2014 and will be followed by lot of live playing

In february 2013 the song Nine was chosen by music blogger,  the Guardian and other bloggers in the Music Alliance Pact as the song of the month from Iceland.

And then made it into the elbow hit list

Ep: the way to survive anything

Band Members:

Magnús Þór Magnússon – Vocals & guitar
Tinna Katrín Jónsdóttir – Vocals & Synth
Baldur Sigurgeirsson – Lead guitar
Stefán Örn Sveinsson- Drums
Jakob Veigar – Bass