Naflakusk was founded by a group of young girls in early February 2007. Although the weather was cold, they warmed people's hearts when they heard the beautiful sound of their first song ever written "Pálmundur", a song that bravely tackles delicate issues faced by young people in today's fast moving technological and often uncaring society.

Every Thursday the group met to hone their skills, getting better and better each week, sharpening their knives, readying themselves to carve their name into the pimply forehead of Icelandic pop culture. Eventually they were forcibly signed to a seven record deal by the shady and notoriously demanding Dead Records label, the band was under a lot of pressure to write more hits and so they did, slaving away in the underground studios run by the label.

"Mads" their latest exotic pop song in Danish has been projected to top the charts through most of 2008 by leading marketing analysts, many of whom were relatively sober at the time. Songs like "DJ Jesus", "Buff-Man" and "Habacrap" have already topped the Indiependent charts in the greater Hafnarfjörður area and also raised controversy due to the sensitive subjects the band addresses in their lyrics. In particular, "DJ Jesus" famously led to the excommunication of the group from the Catholic Church, ordered by Pope Benedict himself. Pope Benedict furthermore issued the decree that "this band will never play the Vatican again".

The band is currently working on new songs for their debut album "Selvskabt Ulykke" (Working Title). Naflakusk's music is a heady mix of retro sounds and modern dramatic synth featuring classic piano interludes and heavy drum machine beats. At least two people are known to have succumbed to catatonic insanity after prolonged exposure to the music of Naflakusk, which commonly induces feelings of euphoria and heightened perception in its listeners.