Of Monsters and Men are the newly crowned winners of Músiktilraunir (a nation wide battle of the bands competition). The band's name is apt and fitting to their lyrics, which mostly comprise stories of all kinds of monsters, both fictional and human.

In march of 2010, Of Monsters and Men was complete. They played their first gig with new member Arnar Rósenkranz who joined his friend Ragnar (Mussi), electric guitarplayer Brynjar and singer and guitarist Nanna Bryndís.

The band's sound is pure and almost entirely acoustic, except for one electric guitar, drums are usually absent adding to the softer side along with vocal harmonies and glockenspiels.

The band made a successful trip to The Netherlands in late summer of 2010 playing at a couple of festivals, making new friends and memories getting great responses after every show.

Of Monsters and Men are currently well on their way writing their debut album which will be released in 2011 and are releasing their second single in days to come.

Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir
Ragnar þórhallsson
Brynjar Leifsson
Arnar Rósenkranz Hilmarsson