Short Biography

Olèna is a singer, lyricist & producer of Indi-Electronica genre.
Originally from France, based in Reykjavik Iceland for last 10 years.
She is now on stage with Hörður Már Bjarnason as live producer. (M-band/Tonik Ensemble)

Olena belongs to the world of Icelandic’s hidden creatures, the “Huldufólk”. Distant any restraint in her voice, a disturbing fragile, seems to spring from a world away, it would tell us dreams. Its tone lens, to throbbing accents, is through emergence of electronic scores. The pulse of catchy melodies and rhythm that drives them, evoke both the forces of nature as the beating of the heart that goes crazy, tears and bleeding. Voice and instrumentation to meet, agree or clash, like those lovers who can not communicate, met thanks to the haunting sounds.

words: Alice Poulin (FR)


Olèna has performed in most popular places in Reykjavik as, Kaffibarinn, Sirkus, Organ, Café Rosenberg, Loft Hostel , Bar 11, Harpa, 12 Tonar…Has Participated few times on the « Extreme Chill » downtown sessions seance 2007.
Active participation in Icelandairwaives music festival seance 2012 with multiple gigs around town.
As well opportunity to perform for MacVal museum in Paris for an opening retrospective exhibition of Nathalie Talec work in 2009, she performed in the heart of Paris invited by Oliver Peel famous session. (June 2014)
She has just return to Iceland after 3 month tour around Japan & have made first contact with her Fans base in Tokyo.
Multiples gigs has been performed in Tokyo, Nagoya & Kyoto during that period. (7)
First solo album project came out in July 2012 « Made in Hurt by Heart » all auto financed & produced. (Multiples review from France, Japan, Iceland, Poland, Germany & USA)
Her second solo album project is about to be released. Hopefully for winter 2015/2016

In 2011, a fresh new Icelandic band « Asonat » contacted her for some vocal try on they first album, today she’s fully part of the band. And they second album « Connection » is out now. They’ve been touring in Czech Republic, Russia, Estonia & Iceland.
They are performed at Icelandairwaves music festival ON venue, 2012 & are planed for 2015.
Won « Reykjavik Grapevine music award in 2015 » in « You should have heard  in 2014 »

Relation with Japan:
Olèna’s first solo album were on listening machine at « Tower Records » Tokyo. Album is sold out there & in other Indi shops around Town. Japanese Photographer & artists teams are always in participating in Olèna’s project. « It’s mutual attraction »

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