After completing his studies in Theory and Composition at the Reykjavik College of Music, Örlygur Benediktsson spent three years of postgraduate studies at the Rimsky-Korsakov  State Conservatory, St. Petersburg, with professor Sergei Slonimsky.

Örlygur currently teaches at the Tónlistarskóli Árnesinga Music School, as well as working as a freelance composer, arranger and performer of music. A member of the Society of Icelandic Composers since 2004, his music has been performed widely in Iceland, including festivals such as Dark Music Days and Skálholt Summer Concerts; as well as in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, UK, Germany, Russia and the Baltic countries; featured at festivals such as UNM (Young Nordic Composers), Nordic Music Days, Europa Cantat, “Tone Roads” (Zvukovye Puti, St. Petersburg) and “From the Avant-Garde to Our Day” (also in St. Petersburg).