To stand still during an Orphic Oxtra performance is no easy feat. Breaking into
feverish Balkan-inspired dancing is a clear and ever-present danger. People of all ages
and backgrounds find themselves seduced into a frenzied state of dancing like they've
never danced before.

Orphic Oxtra is comprised of 14 charismatic and highly talented musicians who are
students at the music department of The Icelandic Academy of the Arts and The Jazz
Music School of the Icelandic Musician Association (FÍH). They write and perform
an enticing recipe of Balkan and klezmer-influenced orchestral dance music with a
multitude of twists.

These festive collaborators, all of whom are contributors to the song writing, are not
musically confined to the Balkans as they also take turns challenging each other with
a fireworks display of solos inspired by other cultures and types of music as well. The
outcome is a rare marriage of the cerebral and the celebratory that captures mind,
body and soul. No gazing of shoes here – not even a glance. Their objective is to move
you and your feet!