Ourlives are an explosive, emotive, expansive four-piece, poised and ready at the start of their music recording lives. Ourlives are a band clearly capable of injecting their own edge, of making powerful forward-looking, life-touching music. Hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland, the music they make is a dramatic crossover hybrid of melodic intelligent progressive post-metal and warm powerful emotional pop rock. Ourlives are not afraid to play with the warmth of old-school guitars, with the analogue dust of keyboards, with the power of silence and the strength that can be found in their harmonious vocals. Ourlives are not a band afraid of soothing, soaring melodies, of emotional choruses and the idea that less is often so much more. The foursome are fusing their ambitious ideas together to produce a sound that's as potentially epic as their Icelandic landscape, they do this without ever losing sight of the power and strength of pop and the art of keeping it simple.