Perfect Disorder was formed in 2003 by Jóhannes (Bass), Björgvin (Guitar) and Jónbjörn (Drums). Perfect Disorder (originally named Panic Disorder) was intended to be a punk band but all that changed when Sigurður (Maestro) Waage joined the band. Sigurður was instrumental in changing the direction of the band from playing punk to playing metal. Gísli joined the band as a lead singer and with this formation the band performed a number of gigs. Björgvin and Gísli quit the band in the summer of 2005, just as the band was embarking on making their first album. A couple of months before the band played at the Airwaves 2005, Edward Morthens (Lead Singer) and Reynir Baldursson (Rhythm/lead Guitar) joined the band. That gig at Airwaves 2005 was the first gig with the bands current formation. Perfect Disorder's show at Airwaves 2005 got some attention from the foreign media. The music website reviewed the show and raved about the great energy and attidude of the band. In