The catchy melody of an icelandic and the cheerless music of an italian, the sunny side of a hazy country and the grayness of a bright one, the warm chords of the north and the algid computer music of the south.

Balmy arpeggiators, frozen guitars, harmonic noises and retro beats mixed up in a quite original sonic result.

Started as an “indietronic electro acoustic ambient emotional instrumental” project, Plastik Joy begun involving all the influences and the new music ideas of the two members. The result being a simple big container of Fannar’s and Cristiano’s own musical language.

A constant evolution that still has its defined character and sound.

In 2009 Plastik Joy's released the debut album 3:03 that emits a definitive nocturnal quality, straddles moods and styles with great finesse leading you down for a few moments before you are emotionally lifted up again by a passing melodic element. Walking such a fine line in their emotional creativity makes it hard to believe these guys never plan their attack; they just go where the song takes them. Coke Machine Glow said of 3:03 "I don’t think I could sense anything more sunny or meditative than this happy bundle of pain. " Others have named checked Dntel, Telefon Tel Aviv, and Four Tet as stylistic signposts for Plastik Joy. Listening to the new material and the live show, we could add some of the representative artists of the glo-fi movement.

In spite of the ambient dreamy atmospheres of the first album, the new material and live show are quite energetic and intense mixing the old melodies and soundscapes with powerful beats and a more intensive use of synthesizer.