Ragnar Ólafsson is a versatile musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Iceland. He has released one dozen albums with various bands and performed music in styles ranging from jazz and opera to folk, pop, rock and metal.

Ragnar’s affinity for forming and playing with bands started when he grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden. In early years he went through a colorful palette of bands and band-members which included Olof Dreijer (from the Knife) and singer-songwriter Jens LekmanAfter High School Ragnar moved to Svalbard where he worked for two years while building the world’s northern-most band at the time. After moving back to Iceland in 2003 Ragnar started studying singing and electronic music at Tónlistarskóli Kópavogs and supported himself as a cover artist, troubador and jazz pianist before making his living from his own music.

Ragnar is  a founding member of several Icelandic bands. Most notably Ask the Slave, In Siren as well as his most commercially successful act Árstíðir who has released four studio albums to date, had two #1 hits in Iceland and toured regularly in more than 30 countries. Ragnar is also the lead vocalist of Lightspeed Legend, and a keyboardist for Momentum and Sign.

In recent years Ragnar has regularly composed soundtracks for a series of digital childrens books called Maurice’s Valices, as well as music for trailers and commercials. Ragnar is currently working on his first solo album called “Urges” which will be released in the beginning of 2017.