Reason To Believe is the brainchild of life long friendship filled with youth adolescence and the aspiration to break out of small town life rather than teenage angst and rebellion. Musically the songs are catchy, uplifting and is more than competent to reach the ears of anyone who is looking for music played with passion directly from the heart. Lyrically they touch on subjects that anyone can relate to, reminiscing passed times with friends, break ups and hopeful dreams. 

Their ambition came across when entering the studio to record the bands debut release rearranging the bands members and adding some key pieces to complete the lineup. 

Reason To Believe played countless live shows over the past year which earned them a notable slot at the Iceland airwaves festival, catching the eyes of both local and foreign music press. 

Now armed with a proper album Reason To Believe are ready to take on the world and show its worth.