REKKVERK is a hard rock band from the Greater Reykjavik Area, Iceland. The band members have all been involved in music on and off for over 20 years, but the band´s history spans several years.

REKKVERK started mainly as a cover band playing a broad variety of rock songs but in the year 2009 the band shifted towards making their own music. That created challenges for the band members due to their mixed background in rock, metal and pop, but in the end that is what really gives the band it's unique flavor. Even though the backgrounds of the members are different they all love loud guitars and heavy drums. The main influences are from bands all over the music genre, such as the Foo Fighters, Pantera, Mastodon, TOOL, Deftones, Faith No More and many more. REKKVERK has released 3 demos so far with many more to come.

Helgi Vignir Bragason – vocals
Þorsteinn Aðalbjörnsson – drums/back vocals
Gústaf Adolf Hermannsson – guitar/keyboard
Einar M. Björgvinsson – guitar/back vocals
Jóhannes Páll Sigurðsson – bass/back vocals