Since way back in 2004 Reykjavík! – Les Savy Fav's young, harder partying, more Icelandic rascal of a brother – has gloriously trodden a path of no-common-sense and utter irreverence. The outcome is a beast of a band any way you look at it. Their work ethic, sizzling creativity, jovial intent to share all and anything, defies logic. But then again – there's nothing logical about Reykjavík! 

With a track record spanning an impressive amalgam of endless local shows – including twelve in one day – various international tours and collaborations with pretty much everyone, everywhere, Reykjavík! radiate spontaneity and joy to the point where their music and actions seem completely uninhibited. It's baffling they haven't self-imploded yet. Consequently, you'd be hard pressed to name a group that takes their band duties so seriously that it comes full circle and becomes ceremoniously unseriously serious. Seriously!

The band's exuberant nature is evident in their refusal to hold back, deny their roots or their eclectic sources of inspiration. Indie rock, pop, metal, punk, grunge, disco… you name it. All musical styles have been victims of this gang of brothers.

This fool-hearted dedication has paid off, too. Each time a fan exclaims: “No. No way. They didn't just do that,” Reykjavík! is en route into the night, frolicking their asses off where you'd least expect. This is especially evident on their latest full length, their 2008 collaboration with Ben Frost: ‘THE BLOOD' – an album best described as a celebratory mass of sounds, currents, ideas and wonderful cooperation. Where most artists would have thought: “no we shouldn't”, Reykjavík! said, “yes we can!” To say it's teeming with life would be an understatement.

Don't for a second be fooled into thinking that REYKJAVÍK! is a stranger to delicious hooks, harmonies and choruses that will bounce around your cranium for days on end. They are as accessible as they are unpredictable, if not more. Their pop sensibility and knack for melodies makes their music highly relatable, and this has been the key to their success. Thus they are enjoyed by a variety of people – transcending genres, conventions, and expectations.

Despite the loud exterior you'll be pulled into the soft interior. You'll feel fuzzy on the inside, split lip and torn t-shirt notwithstanding.

It's a beautiful thing.

Birkir Fjalar Viðarsson