It was in the summer of 2005 that came to life. Long time friends, Ragnar Sólberg (Frontman for metal outfit Sign) and Ómar Emilsson(Frontman for Post-hardcore outfit Of stars we are) had some plans on how to make music together. They instantly knew when the writing started, that it was going to be a concept album. With a lot on their minds and a hate for the rules given in life, and the accepted normal everyone was pushed to achieve. Feeling like old souls that didn't want to grow up  and connected on that level in music and brotherhood, the band and their debut album was born.
Writing 6 songs in 2005, they recorded them 2 years later and then over the years met up in the studio or Ómars balcony to write a new song and record. With those years of slow work they grew a strong a bond to nature and spirituality and those shared revelations of growth influenced them increasingly in the project. Balance was a big concern of theirs to reflect in the story and they tried to portray greed, hatred and jealousy as much as love, freedom and serenity.