Róa is the collective effort of longtime friends and musicians who met in youth and have continued to create music together since. Under
the name Róa they capture and breathe life into sounds that
have drifted and echoed around them, collecting over the years.


The band might
fall under the category of melodic or ambient post-rock, but these labels
cannot fully capture the swelling sounds of Róa or the roaring ocean they build with heavy drums crashing like waves and down-tuned guitars that sing. Their
lyrics wade in emotion and recollect childhood memories with soft melancholic
vocals that break into soaring and chilling screams. With the hope of
assembling the bands roots in hardcore/metal with refined sounds of the
harmonium or reed organ, piano and pipe organ, Róa reconsiders the
possibilities of the traditional organ beyond its use in the church. In other words,
Róa has been known to play a church organ or two, while engaging a new audience
experience within the church venue itself.


Although their
name speaks otherwise, when Róa (meaning calm)
takes the stage music is drawn out from their instruments as the
audience is pulled into the folds of a rolling sea soundscape ranging from
post-rock lullabies to droning electric waves.