Royal Fortune have gargantuan brains on account of drinking unfiltered fish oil on a daily basis. Their individual heads are filled with both insanely creative and completely unrealistic ideas, but through their collective efforts they manage to control and tame these outrageous and far out minds. With a banjo, a delay-pedal, gentle finger-picking, distorted drones and a vintage organ they continually attempt to cleanse the impurities of their hearts and minds, though it has not been formally established that all the members actually have beating hearts. The members have all delved into the roots of their own culture and of our North-American brethren and sought inspiration of kindred spirits such as: Akron/Family, Neutral Milk Hotel, Phil Elverum, Nick Drake, Daniel Johnston and other troubled minds. The group has played diligently in various Icelandic venues, amongst others the always popular Iceland Airwaves festival, in 2006. They have teamed up with Icelandic artists such as