Ruddinn is one guy, who has been doing music and noise in the sanctuary of his home studio.

The music has a few touchpoints in the sound spectrum, ranging between rock and pop, indie and electro. Flirting in the twilight between live instruments and sequenced synths and drum parts.

Ruddinn’s first album, self titled “Ruddinn” was released in December 2006. One track of that album, “Heavy on the rebound” was included in the soundtrack CD to the movie “Astropia”

Ruddinn’s follow up “2” was released summer 2008 and distributed in Iceland by 12 Tónar record label. The album is distributed in the UK and in digital form by Lakeland Records.

Ruddinn is now finishing his 3rd album titled “I need a vacation”.  On the new album Heida (Ragnheiður Eiriksdottir) from Hellvar and formerly Unun contributes vocals on most of the tracks on the album.   The new album has been in the works from early 2008 and will be released early 2011.