SESAR A: The “grandfather of Icelandic rap”. One of the most important figures in Icelandic hip hop with more than two decades of work within all fields of hip hop culture. 2001 he released his debut: “The Storm in the wake of the Calm”. The first rap record entirely in Icelandic. It triggered an explosion in rap in Iceland. After this the scene was dominated by lyrics in Icelandic instead of English. In 2002 Sesar A produced the first rap compilation entirely in Icelandic called “Rímnamín”. Worked with the legendary Icelandic singer Skapti Ólafs and was thus the first to mix traditional popular music with Icelandic rap. His second album, “DoItYourself”, came the same year. Featuring the famous Icelandic soprano Diddú. While living in Spain he worked with IFS (, his group there. The 9 members come from 8 different countries, rapping and singing in up to 10 different languages. Their first EP “Worldwide” was released spring 2007. His third solo album, “Too good