Sigur rós hail from Iceland, and rightly claim to bring you the beautiful landscape of their homeland with their music. The quartet have released four albums so far, plus one remix album. The first album, recently given a worldwide release for the first time, is called "Von" ("hope"). Frequently unrecognisable from the bulk of their subsequent work, "Von" is an experimental and ambient work, which many believe to be a concept album (something the band deny, however). The band really found their feet with their second album, the masterpiece that is "ágætis byrjun" ("a good beginning"). The album was originally released only in Iceland, but was discovered by Brighton's FatCat records. Sigur rós released their third album in October 2002, entitled "( )". The lyricless and titleless album was a darker, rawer and less accessible follow up to "ágætis byrjun" and came out to favourable reviews around the world. The album sold well and even reached #52 on the american billboard chart.