Sing For Me Sandra is a 5 piece, fanatical choir boy, indie pop/rock group that mixes 3 very different lead vocalists, three melodic guitars, drums and bass.


The band has been very busy playing live shows in and around Reykjavik. Their most notable performances are Iceland Airwaves 2009 and 2010, Rettir Reykjavik Round-Up 2009 and many concerts with bands such as Hjaltalin, Dikta, Agent Fresco, Mammut and many more. 

Their first single ‘’The Fight’’ (released March 2009) was an instant success on two major radio stations in Iceland, X 977 and Ras 2, and got far on the top charts. They followed up with the single ‘’Time Will Tell’’ that got good radio time and also appealed to a different group of listeners than ‘’The Fight’’ did, which opened speculation where the band was heading with their musical endeavors. Their third radio single “Fangorn” released mid-September, made an instant impact and went higher than their previous releases on the top charts of the radio stations and clearly set the band as one of the leading pop/rock acts in the icelandic scene.

These songs are on their 12 track debut album "Apollo's Parade" which was released in Iceland in late 2010 and it was well received by critics and audiences alike with a notable 4 star (out of 5) review in local newspaper Fréttatíminn and a 8 (out of 10) review on Rás 2. In all its diversity the album has a smooth flow and clearly sets the band as a very ambitious and promising young talent that's going far.


Helgi Einarsson – Drums
Jón Helgi Hólmgeirsson – Vocals & Guitar
Ragnar Már Jónsson – Guitar
Þorkell Helgi Sigfússon – Vocals & Guitar
Örn Ýmir Arason – Vocals & Bass