A project founded in 2011 by Carmen Johannsdottir who had previously worked with Elín Ey. The idea was to get Elín Ey and her two sisters Elisabet Eyþórsdóttir and Sigríður Eyþórsdóttir to sing live house music and to not only bring their beautiful voices into new territory, but also use their abilities in different context as they all have more acoustic driven music carriers.
After spending some time scouting for “the one” to work with, the missing link was found in Oculus, a producer and a DJ. Together they manage to create something very unique and special.
The main focus of the band is live performances as this is the best environment to experience the music and the energy and although Sisy Ey´s music has just begun taking its first steps, the band has gotten unbelievable attention for their music and performances.