Skarkali Trio is an Icelandic jazz-trio founded in 2013. The members have played together on various occasions/settings after meeting each other at F.Í.H. School of Music. The trio plays compositions by Ingi Bjarni the piano player but with the elegant bass playing of Valdimar and the energetic drumming of Óskar, the music is brought to another level!

Although the Icelandic word skarkali means loud noises, their music is not necessarily so. With their different personal characteristics, Skarkali trio explores melancholic melodies, happy harmonies and rock rhythms in their own way.

Skarkali Trio released it’s first album titled Skarkali in 2015 that consists of nine originals in diverse „jazz“ arrangements. The recordings were made in Amsterdam in February 2015.

Skarkali has performed twice at Reykjavík Jazz Festival (2013 and 2014) as well as they represented Iceland in Young Nordic Jazz Comets 2013 (in Trondheim, Norway.) In the summer of 2014 they toured the Faroe Islands as a part of the Summartónar concert series. In 2015 the trio toured Iceland to promote the debut album.

In 2014 Ingi Bjarni, the pianist, was nominated for the Icelandic Music Prize as the most promising jazz artist in Iceland.