Skátar released their first full length, "Ghost of the Bollocks to Come", on April 2nd, 2007 This was the band’s first proper release since 2004's mini-lp "World Peace In Chile: What Can be Changed, Improved & Fixed" (English translation). Four of the new album's nine songs have appeared in different versions in the past – some on 2005's demo, "The 'Skrew the Elves, Fokk the System [sic]' Session" (recorded live on Ras 2, The National Radio, channel 2) others as constantly evolving live versions during the last couple of years. The band has become increasingly experimental lately, hammering out proggy suites with all the noisy guitars and chaotic keyboards firmly in place. Unlike most of today's hip-and-cool music, consisting mostly of copies of copies of copies of early 80's "disco punk", Skátar are not too easily described and really have to be seen to be believed.