Ske evolved out of the band Skarren ekkert, which was mostly acoustic and centered around double bass, acoustic guitar and accordion along with various other instruments depending on the project.

Skarren ekkert released several albums with original music written for theatre and dance pieces from 1992 -1999. In 1999's NPK a lot of electronic elements had been added to the mix.

Skarren ekkert underwent a name change and a change in its setup and under the name Ske released it's debut album, Life, death, happiness and stuff in September 2002, released by Bad Taste.

Various vocalists were featured on the album, including Icelanders Daniel Agust Haraldsson of gusgus-fame and Jon Oddur Gudmundsson (aka Joddi), the Japanese Juri Hashimoto (aka Juliette) and Julie Coadou from France.

On the second album, Feelings are great from 2004, Ragnheidur Grondal had taken the female vocalist spot and Joddi as the male vocalist.

Agusta Eva Erlendsdottir toured with Ske in 2005 but only recorded one TV performance with the band.

In 2006 Agusta and Joddi left the band to be replaced by Hoskuldur Olafsson (aka Hossi), previously of Quarashi.

The band is currently finishing their third album, expected to be released mid year 2008.

In between the albums, Ske has continued writing music for the stage, most recently Svartur kottur in 2007.