The band Strigaskór nr. 42 was formed in a garage in Kópavogur, Iceland nearly 20 years ago, when the members were about fourteen years old,hence the silly name (Translated the name would be Sneakers #42. Other names were suggested but in retrospect those were even worse…).

Originally the band played Thrash or Speed Metal but evolved into a full fledged Death Metal band after a year or so and stuck with that for a while.

At that time in Iceland, Death Metal was quite popular and countless bands sporting weird evil sounding latin names lifted from medical textbooks emerged. Despite the silly, “benevolent” name, Strigaskór built a name for themselves and quickly became one of the top acts on that scene.

The band appeared on a split CD in 1993 with two other bands but shortly afterwards the Death Metal scene began to fizzle out with bands either quitting or evolving their sound. Strigaskór, chose the latter option and in 1994 the bands only full length album to date, Blót, was released to critical acclaim.

Since then the album, unavailable for several years, has become somewhat of a cult object among music lovers in Iceland. The band however continued to evolve and change and the next project was the musical score in a play in 1995. The play was Baal, written by Berthold Brecht and the music was vastly different to the layered, complex ten minute long epics of Blót. 

The Baal stuffis short, energetic and raw but nonetheless it ?s clearly the same band.