Suð (read: suth) is an indie rock band from Reykjavik. Originally formed in 1997 the band has released two full length albums. “Hugsanavélin” that was released in 1999 and “Meira suð!” released in 2016 after the band returned from an extensive break.

After spending years in the barren wastelands of indie rock SUÐ finally returns this fall with a full length album of original indie jingles.While unequivocally stating the need for more noise the album, Meira suð!, blends indie punk rock with lyrics that touch on as diverse subjects as the human condition, our extensive use of plastic, proof of alien lifeforms and lost glacier love

The album is released as a limited numbered edition vinyl as well on digital media on all popular music media services. The vinyl is available in all Reykjavik vinyl shops as well as on the band’s Bandcamp site A digital download can also be purchased from Bandcamp.You can read more about the history of SUÐ and why the band returned on SUÐ’s website under