Sudden Weather Change is a four-piece band from Iceland and have been working actively in the music scene since 2006. They met during their college years where they studied visual arts, which would later become one of the key elements of their music styles. The goal was to make rock music but lately the band has found itself exploring more territories by expanding and collaborating with various other groups and composers. The band is currently working on their second LP titled ,,Sculpture: Not A Line But A Circle", a process that started in the Greenhouse Studios in the summer of 2011. The band, along with two producers/composers Ben Frost and Þorbjörn G. Kolbrúnarsson continued working on the ever-expanding soundscape the band belongs to, the result will be available soon. You can look at music as an atmospheric force that changes with experimentation and sensation at every given time. Sudden Weather Change do not stand still.
more information, sounds and images are found on the bands website!