Sunnyside Road has 5 members who all have a long and various artistic backgrounds. We have a drummer, guitarist, double bass player, violinist and one singer. We would describe our music as feel good folk music and our song collection is very diverse. The band has played many gigs in Reykjavík for the last couple of years including the venues Café Rosenberg and Loft Hostel.
We have many songs ready and are planning to release a full album in the next few months. We have already started recordings and have released one song called Let Me See.
In June we participated in a Neil Young cover competition which was held by Rás 2. We recorded the song Winterlong and finished 4th of almost 70 participants.

Sunnyside Road are:

Aldís Davíðsdóttir – vocals
Eggert Hilmarsson – double bass
Guðmundur Stefán Þorvaldsson – guitar
Jóhann Friðriksson – drums
Sigrún Harðardóttir – violin