Swive was formed by four Icelandic youngsters in fall 2007. It did not take long for the all four band members to come together and start playing, all of them went to the same elementary school. The singer and drummer had already played together in a band and are also brothers.  The band started practicing in a 10 square meter room with no windows or ventilation. That did not stop them from writing the song "Reminder". Finally the band had about enough songs to play at small venues in their hometown Reykjavik and got good reception. They decided they should sign up for Músíktilraunir (Icelandic battle of the bands) they did not win but they got very good reviews in Morgunblaðið (Iceland's national newspaper) for their performance. They also tried their luck again in GBOB (Global Battle of the Bands) once again with very good reviews in papers and magazines. 

Plenty of songs have been born at this point and they start thinking about recording an album. With 4 years of practicing and playing at live venues and radio stations they are still active and are currently working on an album or an EP that they intend to release before the end of 2011.