The four piece rock band Ten Steps Away comes from the town Hafnarfjordur, Iceland. The band's line-up has remained the same since 2007, except for drummer Oli, who joined in 2009. The band quickly became well known in Reykjavik's vibrant rock scene by playing all over and getting support slots with couple of Iceland's biggest rock bands at the time.

Ten Steps Away did a short tour to the UK in December 2007 and played five gigs in England and Wales.

In 2008 Ten Steps Away were not able to do as much as they had planned and laid low for a while as front-man Aggi toured with the band Sign around the UK and Europe, including opening the main stage at the world famous Download Festival. After the last tour Sign did in October 2008, Ten Steps Away grew stronger then ever, getting positive feedback from fans that Aggi had met all around Europe on tours. Ten Steps Away's myspace friends number increased by hundreds per day and street teams and fanclubs were born online. In December, the band released their first single "Móna" which landed on the top charts at X-977, Iceland's Rock radio station, after only a few days on air.

In January 2009, Ten Steps Away featured on a list published in the national newspaper above the top Icelandic bands most likely to achieve. A month later, recordings began in Error Studio where 8 demos were recorded. Unfortunately, in July the back-up drive with the "album" crashed and 6 months work was irretrievably lost. At that point, Oli was new in the band and had not yet recorded any drums with Ten Steps Away. A decision was made and the band locked themselves in a studio for a week, working hard night and day. In December, Aggi flew to Sweden and recorded vocals for the album with help from the band's friend Ragnar Solberg, Sign's front-man.

Five months later the EP was released. Finally.

In June 2010, the band started working with producer Bardi Johannson (BANG GANG). Their first song produced by Bardi "Running Out Of Time" can be heard on

Ten Steps Away plan to release their debut album in 2011.

Aggi Fridberts – Vocals, Guitar
Orn Ingi – Vocals, Guitar
Halfdan – Bass
Oli – Drums

-Self-titled EP – May 2010
-Debut Album – coming in 2011