My name is Thorunn Antonia magnusdottir I come from Reykjavik Iceland. I released my first solo Record ''Those Little things'' in 2002 it was a collaboration with My father Magnus Thor Sigmundsson who is also an icelandic songwriter the record was a catalyst to good things to come. Heard by a production team Called ''The Away Team'' and it lead to me moving to London to england to work with them and started the Band ''The honeymoon'' With a good friend of mine called Wayne Murray, we got signed to BMG and released the record ''Dialogue'' In 2004 Produced by The Away Team. After that i sang with the Danish band ''Junior Senior'' for a while until i joined a band called Fields we released an EP called ''4 From The Village'' in 2006 on Black Lab Records, Followed by our debut album ''Everything Last Winter'' in 2007 on Atlantic Records and another record has been made called ''Hollow Mountains'' release day has not been confirmed. Among other music projects i sang My fathers last solo records ''Hljóð er nóttin'' 2005 and ''Sea son'' in 2007, on Henrik's record called ''Faction'' released on Lojinx in 2008 Yoav ''Charmed and strange'' Island 2008. Now i am Living in Los Angeles and been singing ''TheNewno2'' and made a Velvet Underground cover record with Beck for his record club. Now i am living in Iceland and have been writing a solo record with Berndsen.