From an early age, Tom Hannay has been composing music and playing various instruments. He wrote & performed his first full length song for a group at the age of 9, he is, however, happy that this was not recorded for posterity. Shortly after this he started writing poetry and won his high-schools poetry competition.
This musicality remained in his life even though he tried to suppress it, gearing himself towards a career in business and a life of financial security. Until one day the penny just dropped and he decided to move away to follow his dream.
He purchased a one way Ticket to Iceland and with only £500 to his name, tried to begin a new life as a singer/songwriter……Amazingly, it worked.
Tom Hannay recruited two musicians to complete the band and is performing internationally after just 1 month of forming.
Tom focuses on the melody of the music, then the feeling and dynamic impression. "For me, the melody is the heart of the song, you don't have to be the best musician to create soul." He is extremely grateful for the opportunities given to him through music.