Tómas R. Einarsson (1953) has released 20 records with his own music and performed in more than twenty countries. The Latin jazz has been his favourite in later years and his Latin music has been arranged for big-band (Dance you idiot!) and remixed (Rommtommtechno). Einarsson was the only European represented in the best-selling Putumayo Presents Latin Jazz in 2007. His Latin jazz CD´s, Kúbanska, Havana, Romm Tomm Tomm and LIVE! have earned accolades around the world and were released in a CD box titled Reykjavik-Havana. Rudy Mangual, the editor in chief of the Latin Beat Magazine, wrote that it was “a mandatory CD for all Latin jazz collectors.” (LBM, August 2010).
His Strengur (CD/DVD), for double bass, percussion, water sounds and video, was selected as one of the best Latin records in 2011 by Descarga.com in New York.
Bassanótt (Bass night) was released in in 2013 and featured his Icelandic Latin group. It was selected as one of the best Latin Jazz records in 2013 by the Colombian SolarLatinClub.com, one of the main Latin music websites in Spanish America.
His latest releases are Mannabörn (2014), where the singer Sigríður Thorlacius and a choir sing 18 compositions by Einarsson, and Bræðralag (2015), a duo project with guitarist Ómar Guðjónsson.