Sit down with Uni Stefson
Child-prodigy Unnsteinn Manuel is now a full blown adult prodigy, as the tens of thousands who have shaken their thang to the infectious grooves he creates with his brother Logi and their friends in Retro Stefson will gladly attest.

Unnsteinn’s work with Retro Stefson has always been all about the moment; about the party and the atmosphere and about getting you to dance along, sing along and swing along to their joyful melodies . However, as a grown-ass man and a rigorously disciplined, constantly evolving musician, Unnsteinn has felt the need to explore other avenues and emotions in his creation. And thus we have Uni Stefson, the young musician’s charming, disarming, low-key solo project. 

“The first song I’m releasing is kind of a sad little number,” he says. “It’s called Enginn grætur (“Nobody Cries”), my tribute to the subtle melancholy that sometimes creeps in and overtakes you during dark Icelandic winters, and the glimmer of hope that follows. Retro Stefson has always been about celebration; this is more intended for sitting down and listening. Music is everywhere, in everything, and I want to be able to experience and express the entire spectrum. Uni Stefson takes me one step further to realizing that dream.”