Vicky is an Icelandic rock band, combined with 5 young people, 4 girls and one drummerboy. The music is not easily defined but Pichforkmedia might have described it best as "pop-metal". You'll be the judge. A hole lotta lot has happened since they accidentally started jamming one night in downtown Reykjavik, they have played almost non stop. Vicky has been a part of the last two Iceland Airwaves festivals with good responses. In may 2008 they first played outside of Iceland when they traveled to China. The band have been invited again this year to be a part of the biggest rock festival in China, Midi festival. In september Vicky was invited to Play:stl festival in st. Louis in the US. They have been invited back there in February this year. In October the band released their debut album, Pull Hard witch has received good responses from critics and listeners. Their first single, Blizzard, was two weeks on the top of Icelands biggest rock channel, xið 977. The station also listed the song as nr 7 of the 100 best songs of the year. Everything is looking very good for there future. Just listen and hear the sound of eternal sunshine!