Vigri’s music has the power and breath of Pink Floyd, and the enlightening melancholy whimper of Sigur Rós. As the brainchild of two brothers from Iceland, Vigri paves the way for melodies with enough power to rumble the foundations of the churches in which their debut album was recorded. With guitar riffs like depth charges, and powerful brass and keyboards, it’s no surprise that their concerts have received great critical acclaim for innovation and power, creating a dreamlike atmosphere with a majestic blend of pop and classical music.



Pink Boats”, released 2011




The brothers decided to travel around many of the small churches in Iceland's countryside to record their material.

The album was mixed at the famous Sundlaugin studio by soundman Birgir Jón Birgisson, and includes ten original tracks featuring a huge variety of instruments – from electric guitars, to the bells of Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik. “Pink Boats” was recorded mostly in old churches around Iceland to capture the unique atmosphere and sounds the wooden halls provided. The album's name is derived from the red Icelandic sunset, which would lie over the sea's horizon and turn all the boats from white to pink.



Hans Pjetursson

Bjarki Pjetursson

Atli Jónasson

Þórir Bergson