In the absence of just another next big personal plan, there’s plenty of room – for
nothingness, or for creativity and the unforeseen.
Maria Bay Bechmann and Julius Rothlaender, hailing from different places and
musical backgrounds, used just that as their starting point for yet another
approach to music and the silence in between.
After combining for an entry in a side project called ‘Mount Theodore’, the two
decided to meet up for the first time in Julius Rothlaender’s studio in Reykjavík
for fourteen days of music experiments in October 2015. The open end of this
rather short time span saw four completely new songs, mellow and moony, that
were presented to people in an intimate headphone concert on the last evening,
marking the birth of ‘Vil’.
After further shows in Copenhagen, Berlin, Reykjavík and a support tour for
Einar Stray Orchestra from Norway more experiments and concerts
can be expected when Maria Bay Bechmann and Julius Rothlaender team up in
different places somewhere up north all over 2016 to take further steps towards
their debut album which will be released by Berlin based record label
ListenCollective early 2017.