Weapons music could be described as melody driven “in your face” indie rock that sounds like an army of punks storming through your city. They take pride in their craftsmanship and their primary weapons are their wide range of songs filled with great melodies and excitement.

As so many great bands Weapons was born out of pure boredom. Óli Dóri, Hreinn and Moni, three guys who all wanted to do something exciting, formed a band and the plan was to do something different from what was going on at the time in Reykjavík. The guys officially christened the trio Weapons in 2005 and the group spent most of that year writing and rehearsing material in a loft in Reykjavík. With similar tastes in music the three began to develop the style and sound of their new band. When the trio gets together something is always bound to happen as the three have a connection that makes them unique.  In 2006 the trio started to become a staple of Reykjavík´s live scene.  They pour their hearts out at every show and it’s a riveting experience to watch them in action. Having performed at all the major and minor festivals in Iceland they´ve gained a devoted following and a valuable experience which shines out on stage.  In the summer 2007 the trio recorded their first LP, "A Ditch in Time". They hooked up with NY producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor) who joined forces in the finishing of their first born LP. "A Ditch in Time" was released in Iceland in 2009 receiving positive reviews for its true blend of early rock & roll music and punk rock with modern emphasis.