Born in a heat-less garage in Reykjavik, Iceland, six-piece indie band Who Knew was conceived 2005 – by lead singer Ármann Ingvi Ármannson and backup vocalist and guitar player Baldur Helgi Snorrason. The duo would undergo dramatic changes in band members until it was fully formed consisting of Ármann, Baldur, Snorri Eldjárn Snorrason (lead guitar), Jökull Huxley Yngvason (Bass), Jón Valur Guðmundsson (drums) and Hilmir Berg Ragnarsson (synthesizer).

Who knew finally did them self justice by releasing their jovial debut album “ Bits and pieces of a major spectacle” 2010 by Devil Duck/101berlin. Recorded in the Sigur Rós studio “Sundlaugin” (the swimming pool) and their own studio ‘’Stúdíó Skjön” (translated as “the crooked studio” cause of their lack of construction skills) you can hear from the first note that especially their homemade lair has been the perfect place for them to develop their sound. Surrounded by vintage wallpaper and burned out cigarette buds the band has defined their music as layers of trembling guitar and synthesizer melodies overlapping with falsetto voiced multi vocals from all of the band members. Produced with a very full sound their music is akin to Phil Spector ´s wall of sound. As for their performance, vocalist Ármann has been compared to David Byrne having a panic attack as the band leaps about in a manner reminding of an early performance by the libertines. Who Knew isn’t trying to encapsulate the chilling vastness and serenity of their homeland. Instead, they aim to “mediate happiness”. Toward the end of their concerts you’ll notice all six drenched in sweat, half with their shirts off and the other half either lying on the ground, falling against the audience or screaming in mayhem.

Press quotes

“Who Knew pack more firmly than most of their countrymen. These songs rock hard for indie façon, but are still a bit magical.” (Rolling Stone)

"There are no plaintive strings and no choirs, just energetic art-rock recalling Animal Collective at their most visceral and Wolf Parade at their most playful" (The Guardian)

“On that score, one has to search really long to find a debut album in 2010, that was more impressing.” (Musicheadquarter.de)

“Who Knew is the better Wolf Parade and their debut album hits the mark with every song.” (Slam)

“Happy-Iceland crumbles, beautiful and intoxicating.” (Uncle Sally’s)

“So much for Iceland is only crazy, depressed, or ash cloud. Who Knew deliver a dust-free summer soundtrack.” (Visions)