Yoda Remote was formed in autumn 2008 of partners Bragi Marinósson and Emil Svavarsson who had just recently met in school. Both had some experience of electronic music but had never gone further than just producing music in their laptops. The guys were fascinated and heavily influenced by retro 8-bit music from old computer games and decided to incorporate some elements of the 8-bit genre in their music. Soon they started to play some live shows and after receiving very positive feedback they decided to keep on going.
Early 2010 Yoda Remote released their debut EP, Skywatchers. The album is home made and Yoda Remote did the recordings, mixings and masterings all by themselves. A copy of the album can be bought/downloaded at www.gogoyoko.com and at yodaremote.bandcamp.com. You can also order a hard copy of the album by sending mail to yodaremote@gmail.com.