Record Records is an Icelandic independent record label based in Reykjavík.   Its initial kickoff as a pocket-sized distribution company for small up and coming artists based in the great Reykjavík area was in late 2007.

The label is the brainchild of one young music enthusiast Haraldur Leví Gunnarsson who at that time had every music lover’s dream job, which is working as a record store clerk.   Whilst not working or playing drums with his band he thought of how he would like to make his new labor of love into a well-run small entity with almost minimum or no overhead.   The slowly growing stock was initially stored in his parents’ garage.   The rush of releasing the first album was non-existent; instead he waited along to learn by few trials and errors and then wait for the right album or artist kick start the label.  The first album (Mammút’s Karkari) was released almost a year after the label was established.

Always driven by an urge to captivate unique and interesting artists and to work with artists on a personal level Haraldur has maintained key elements like honesty and integrity his work ethics.   He has released albums, EPs and singles by Of Monsters and Men, Retro Stefson, Moses Hightower, Ojba Rasta, Ensími, Agent Fresco, Sykur, Orphic Oxtra and the like.