Zonet Music was founded October 1st 2001 by Óttar Felix Hauksson. Zonet Music bought Japis (a famous record label and distributor in Iceland) at the beginning of 2002 and in mid 2003 Zonet music bought yet another famous Icelandic record label and distributor “Edda-Miðlun-music department”. Around that time Zonet Music also seriously started distributing and having hand in the making of Icelandic CD´s. Zonet has around Icelandic 120 titles in their catalog surpassing a total of 1500 songs In the autum of 2003 completed the deal with Danish Kick music that held the rights of the old Triola recordings of the famous Italian boy soprano Robertino. The very best of Robertino was released in December 2003 in Iceland and became nr.1 and sold gold in just 14 days! Zonet Music has licensed Robertino to various countries, such as Denmark, Finland, China and Russia. Zonet Music also holds the rigth of the music of Guitar Islancio which has been released in Japan and Canada. Guitar Islancio´