Bang Studio was founded in 2002 by Bardi Jóhannsson, musician, writer and producer, best known for Bang Gang and as one half of Lady&Bird. Since then, many artists have recorded there such as Keren Ann, Craig Walker, Mai, Laurence Revey… Bang Studio is equipped with various vintage keyboards, an upright piano, two Fender Rhodes and numerous guitars and basses. You can also find a Pro-tools HD2 system, a Yamaha Digital console and a lot of microphones. All the instruments are plugged and tuned-up, you only need to try and experiment as soon as you come up with a new and creative idea. The production reveals this mix between past and present, the gone-by warmth blends in with the latest recording methods. The studio is 15 minutes away from downtown Reykjavik by walk. Everything is set up to accommodate people from abroad (guest-room, kitchen, bathroom). Feel free to contact us for a detailed rider and for more info about the place.