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REPORT :: týždeň Educational Journey

REPORT FROM EDUCATIONAL JOURNEY ICELAND 1st day: 2. November (Wednesday) 9:00 PM – meeting with partnership organization Icelandic Music Export (IMX), discuss with its leader Sigtryggur Baldursson. Meeting was in press center area in concert hall of Harpa in Reykjavík. The main theme of discussion was success of Icelandic music export and it‘s reasons according to Sigtryggur. Concludes…

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Iceland Erupts at Eurosonic! Final Icelandic Artists Revealed!

The latest list of Icelandic acts to perform at Eurosonic 2015 has been unveiled. A clutch of truly diverse Icelandic artists - ranging from electronica to pop to Viking metal - will be at the heart of the Iceland Erupts campaign for Eurosonic Noorderslag. PLUS the final Icelandic act, which was kept from us at last week's press conference,…

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